Newport Bridge
24" x 48"
Jaqui McBride
fine art
Iced Down
8" x 12"
All artwork displayed on this page and
throughout the site is painted in oil onto linen
or cotton canvas unless otherwise stated.

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Southeastern U.S.
Approaching Storm
8" x 12"
Border Wetlands
8" x 12"
Standing Alone*
12" x 16"
Camden Harbor
16" x 20"
Aquidneck Island, RI
Canada Goose
12" x 16"
Madison Eats Grass
9" x 11"
Charcoal Drawing
Cape Henry Lighthouses
18" x 30"
From Bannister's Wharf
11" x 14"
Newport Bridge, north
11" x 14"
1800 House
12" x 16"
12" x 16"
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All rights reserved.
With Goat's Island
12" x 16"
Girls on the Beach
12" x 16"
A Day at the Ocean
18" x 24"
Beaufort, South Carolina
24" x 48"
Jaqui McBride
1998 - 2001

After an adventure on the sea for
six months, I decided to embrace
the beauty of Newport, Rhode
Island and its surrounding areas.
The images to the left depict
various views of the Newport
Bridge (aka The Claiborne Pell
Bridge), the kindest lobsterman
going to work, and an historic
home in nearby Middletown.
1998 - present

Life offers wonderful
opportunities to visit
majestic Maine. These are
a few paintings from the
Richardson Lakes and
Camden Harbor.
1997 - present

The southeastern region of the
United States has a hot and heavy
quality like no other place.

I was painting en plein air
somewhere between Georgia and
Florida (Border Wetlands) when an
enormous thunderstorm brewed to
the west (Approaching Storm) and
completely drenched me as I packed
my supplies.

Virginia has a bit of everything—
beaches, cities, mountains, history,
culture, families & children, and
adorable dogs (Madison Eats Grass).
Chesapeake Bay
8" x
Wintergreen Vista
24" x 36"