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Jaqui McBride
fine art
12" x 16"
Copyright 2015
All rights reserved.

Jaqui McBride Fine Art

(757) 285-4982
Jaqui McBride Fine Art
Virginia Beach, Virginia               

About Jaqui McBride Fine Art
Jaqui McBride won a number of regional awards for painting early in her career. In spite of her
success, she pursued careers in the written arts until accepting a crash-course art challenge: paint
thirty paintings in one month. Upon completion, she went to the Portuguese islands, the Azores, to
study technique with two successful contemporaries
, Lee Baskerville and John Court. At the end of
her three-month stay, she had been featured on the cover of Azorean magazine
Açores Noticias and
presented a gallery exhibition on the island of São Miguel.

Returning to the United States in November 1996, Jaqui placed one of her pieces in a Richmond,
Virginia gallery. Its quick sale led directly to a corporate commission to take part in a series of murals
at The Homestead
Resort in Hot Springs, Virginia.

Jaqui’s paintings include landscapes, still life, portraiture, and other figurative work. Galleries
currently displaying her art are:
Arnold Art Gallery                           Newport, Rhode Island
Baker's Fine Art and Jewelry    
     Virginia Beach, Virginia
Beach Gallery                             
      Virginia Beach, Virginia
Gallery5800                                     Richmond, Virginia
Galerie L’Enfant                              Washington, D.C.
Shore Gallery & Designs           
      Virginia Beach, Virginia
Wilson Fine Art                                Warren, Rhode Island